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Handling grief during the holidays

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We believe that the purpose of life is to grow, learn, love, serve, and live as fully as we can while courageously facing the peaks and valleys of life.

Our original purpose focused solely on remembrance, or memory bracelets commemorating deceased loved ones. They were so well received our customers asked for more.

We now offer awareness bracelets, inspiration bracelets, mother's bracelets, baby bracelets, and even a pet memory bracelet. We've created graduation bracelets and wedding jewelry as well. Whether you are looking for a special item for yourself, or a gift for a precious someone, we hope you find what you're looking for.

Our lovely bracelets cover the spectrum of life. For loss, browse the Grief & Comfort section. For encouragement, go to the Hope & Inspiration section. For special occasions, visit the Joy & Celebration section. And yes, we welcome special commission pieces, too. Each lovely, hand crafted accessory comes in a gift box with a special gift card specific to that design, even if the card must be created from scratch.

The feedback we constantly receive includes two themes: the first is how beautiful our pieces are (much prettier than they can be depicted on a screen). The other is that what makes our precious purpose bracelets so special is the meaning behind them.

Here's what sets us apart: each bracelet comes with a handmade ribboned card and a beautifully written original poem or inspirational piece, written by a nationally acclaimed author. See a sampling here. This deepens the meaning and significance of each wearable keepsake. More>

~ Leslie Charles


New bracelets - coming soon:

  • Sweetheart (engagement)
  • Chakra Energy
  • Angel Spirit
  • Divorce (Liberation)
  • Red White & Blue Military Mom
  • Red Hat


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